ventilated strip doors

Simplex Ventilated Strips and Panels are the perfect solution for keeping bugs, birds and other flying debris out while allowing fresh air to pass through. Heavy-duty vinyl coated polyester screen mesh is RF welded into the strips. The size of the screen area can be adjusted depending on the required ventilation and type of traffic passing through the strips.

Simplex Ventilated Strips and Panels are excellent for shipping/receiving doors, interior dividers, safety machine screens, restaurants and food manufacturing plants. Use on any doorway or area where you want to keep bugs, birds and other flying debris out while allowing fresh air to pass through.

Heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester screen mesh RF welded into strips ranging from 12" to 48".

Vinyl vertical side borders for support and to assure sealing at the overlaps.

Screen is normally placed four to eight feet from the bottom of the strips depending on the type of traffic through the door.

Strip Screen Ventilated Strips & Panels

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Ventilated Strip Door Mountings

Simplex recommends the following mountings for use with Ventilated Strip doors.

Heavy duty round bead in-jamb strip door diagram

Heavy-Duty Round Bead Bar (used with .080 strips).

standard duty round bead flatwall mount diagram

Standard-duty round bead flatwall bar (used with .060 mill strips).

hook bead flatwall mount diagram

Hook-bead flatwall bar.

hook bead in-jamb mount diagram

Hook-bead in-jamb bar.

Architectural Specifications Amendment

Ventilated strips and/or panels shall be Simplex model #________, utilizing a bonded bead mount system RF welded to the top of each strip. Mounting hardware shall be one-piece Flat Wall or In-Jamb anodized aluminum with built-in relief flanges.

Artboard 3 Copy14’25’30’10’10’8’10’10’7’8’8’8’8’7’8’8’8’8’10”10”10”3”16’6”25’6”10’10’8”6”25’8”2”3”4”40 mil (3/64”)40 mil (3/64”)Maxium HeightOverlapMinimum HeightIndoor UseTemperature ControlHeavy ForkliftMinimun Door Width4012240123601226012360124602446024640486404888048680488MODEL SPECSRECOMMENDED APPLICATIONSThicknessStrip WidthOutdoor UseExterior DoorPersonnel TrafficSafety BarrierSound ControlInsect/Bird Control12”12”3”12’2”10’12”12”12”4”25’4”24”24”48”48”48”48”12”12”12”40 mil (3/64”)40 mil (3/64”)60 mil (1/16”)60 mil (1/16”)60 mil (1/16”)60 mil (1/16”)60 mil (1/16”)80 mil (3/32”)80 mil (3/32”)120 mil (1/8”)120 mil (1/8”)120 mil (1/8”)2”10’30’10”14”20”4’4’4’4’4’7’7’8’SIZING GUIDE120124Model120122120123ExcellentGoodNot RecommendedSuitable But Excessive