low temp strip doors

Applications & Benefits

Walk-in refrigerated rooms, coolers and freezers. Larger refrigerated or freezer rooms with handcart or forklift traffic, loading docks and interior doors for refrigerated or freezer warehouses.

Simplex refrigeration strips prevent 80% to 90% of air loss experienced when you use conventional refrigerator doors. Temperatures remain stable. Experience less shrinkage, product spoilage, less frost build-up on coils, and reduced wear and tear on compressors, motors and switches.


Superior vinyl materials create better seals, last longer.

Select from a variety of strip materials depending on the temperature and traffic.

Patented extruded aluminum mountings are designed to withstand repeated passage of forklifts and personnel.

Transparent strips for full visibility in busy work environments.

AirBlock Refrigerator & Freezer Strips

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Low Temp. RibbedSuper Low Temperature0.060Product Model #MaterialThicknessStrip WidthAirLock Refer and Freezer StripsModel 606Model 608Model 6024Model 6048ArmorBond Industrial SeriesModel 808 FreezersModel 1208Model 12012Model 16016USDALT ReinforcedUSDA Rib0.1600.0800.1206”8”12”16”24”48”


Simplex recommends the following mountings for use with Simplex Refrigerator and Freezer Strip Doors.

standard duty round bead flatwall mount diagram

Standard-duty Round Bead Flatwall Bar (used with .060 mill strips).

heavy duty round bead flatwall mount diagram

Heavy Duty Round Bead Flatwall Bar.

Heavy Duty rond bead in-jamb mount diagram

Heavy duty ArmorBond Round Bead In-jamb Bar.