personnel strip doors

Personnel Strip Doors from Simplex serve as a low cost, high quality solution for managing environments. These doors can facilitate passage of personnel and light cart traffic between clean areas in warehouse setting or can be used as barriers between offices and dusty warehouses or work areas.

Simplex Personnel Strips doors are easy to install and crystal clear PVC strips effectively separate temperatures in areas where customer and employee comfort is a concern.

How to Order

We offer 2 models, both in .060 mil thick vinyl: 606 with 6" wide strips and 608 with 8" wide straps. Both are available with 1 to 3 inch overlap. Need help determining what amount of overlap is right for your application? View our Strip Door Guide.

Features & Benefits

Easy-to-install strips and mounting rail. Choose from three different mounting systems.

Strips can be rotated or replaced in minutes without tools. Simply loosen thumbscrew at the end of the mounting rack and slide strips out.

One-piece mounting hardware is anodized for long life. Will not corrode.

Bonded-bead strips pivot in the mounting channel, reducing wear.

Transparent strips provide safely. Personnel can see traffic on the other side and avoid collisions.

Strips come apart and go together quickly, allowing easy access.

.060 mil strips reduce ambient noise between areas.

Strip doors help to maintain separate environments, thus reducing heating and air conditioning costs.