cleanroom strip doors

Strip Doors for Cleanroom Applications

AirBlock™ Strip Systems are ideal for a variety of light-traffic uses: quick access to cleanroom environments, preventing cross contamination within environments in a factory setting, or setting apart offices and other areas within a clean environment.

Simplex has developed patented mountings to ensure fast installation. The individual strips are designed to hang straight and maintain their overlaps. This feature is key to preventing gaps that cause air loss. Optional alternating clear and frosted non-stick design makes AirBlock™ Strip Systems the easiest to walk through.

Two models are available, both in .060 mil thickness: The 606 with 6" strips and the 608 with 8" strips.


Easy installation.

Strips can be replaced or rotated in minutes with a screwdriver. Simply remove the faceplate of the two-piece mounting rail and install new strips or rotate strips.

Two-piece mountings are made from extruded 6063-T5 anodized aluminum for long life and easy cleaning. Will not corrode.

All strips are shipped flat (never rolled), so they hang perfectly right out of the box.