Softwall Cleanroom Curtains

AirBlock: The #1 specified curtain in the industry

By offering versatility and reliability not found with any other product AirBlock has become the industry standard in softwall cleanrooms. Use AirBlock curtains with framing to create a softwall enclosure, or within an existing cleanroom to create areas that are still cleaner. Combined with Simplex's patented mounting systems, AirBlock curtains offer increased durability, functionality, easier access and the best protection.

AirBlock softwalls are constructed from four-foot wide sheets of vinyl in thicknesses from 40 to 80 mil, RF welded to form either solid walls or movable curtains. They are especially suitable for enclosing portable frame systems or improving laminar flow areas above work spaces.

Softwall Features

Material Selection

Largest selection of quality materials - Simplex vinyls come in a wide array of colors, thicknesses and properties.

Mounting Systems

A variety of patented mounting systems, engineered for easy installation and maximum performance. See Simplex innovative mounting systems.


Simplex offers a variety of entry options, including hinged doors, sliding panels and strip doors. By alternating clear and frosted strips in our strip doors, you eliminate air gaps, prevent sticking, and entrances are easier to walk through.

Sealed Corners

Wraparound seals eliminate air loss or particle penetration at the corners. Simplex vinyls are thicker, requiring no hems or sash weights, and are cleaner looking, easily adaptable and longer lasting.

RF-Welded Seams

RF welding on all panels provides a permanent bond that is cleaner and stronger than sewing.

Closure & Fastening Systems

Flexible Magnet Self Closures

This quality, flexible, chemical-resistant magnet is ideal for overlapping areas where frequent access is required.

Hook and Loop Fastener

Ideal for securing curtain overlaps. Attaches to vinyl with a plasticizer-resistant adhesive and is then sewn.

Dual Lock Fastener

This non-particulating, clear 3M flexible fastening system has a plasticizer resistant adhesive and is ideal for attaching curtains vertically or horizontally to frames, hoods, benches or on overlaps.

Overlap Retention Snaps

An inexpensive way of closing overlap areas of the curtains.

Lap Lock

The most recent Simplex innovation in closing systems in which opposing flaps of vinyl are RF-welded and interlock to secure panels in place.