Simplex designs and manufactures functional door systems ideal for a variety of applications. Each door—whether a strip door, swing door or sliding door—is custom manufactured to the highest quality standards for optimum performance. All models are designed to be modular and ready to use with minimal installation.

Data Center End-of-Aisle Doors

Simplex’s end-of-aisle doors are built with custom extruded frames designed specifically for data center applications. All door models can be tailored to suit each data center’s specific spatial requirements.

Cleanroom Doors

Simplex offers a range of door models ideal for use in a cleanroom setting. Each door is designed to meet the specific need of the application, contamination concerns and cleanroom layout.

Strip Doors

Strip doors from Simplex offer easy personnel and equipment passage. Various vinyl materials and mounting options are available. All strip door models are available in many widths, thicknesses and colors to meet the specific requirements of the application.