Simplex has designed unique array of strip door and curtain mountings that allow you to customize your enclosures and barriers. All mountings, with the exception of FlexTrack, are extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum and come in standard anodized clear coat. Other clear coat colors are available by special order.

Simplex can manufacture custom brackets systems to meet your exact applications and requirements.

overhead brackets

Overhead Door Brackets

  • Allows you to mount your strip door inside for maximum protection from the elements.
  • Adjustable, easy-to-install system adapts to any industrial door from canister mounts to solid, roll-up doors.
  • Supplied with heavy side-seal strips and available in medium- and heavy-duty styles.
  • All brackets and crossbars are epoxy powder coated for resistance to all weather conditions.
sliding door track mounts

Sliding Door Track

  • Allows strip doors to slide open for passage of equipment or product.
  • Can be ordered for single or double bi-parting sliding systems.
  • Sliding door track is available in anodized aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Round Bead Mountings

standard duty round bead flatwall bar diagram

Standard Duty Round Bead Flatwall Bar

This one-piece bar is designed for .060 mil strips and is used to mount the track flat against the wall. Strips are inserted from the end of the bar and slide into place. Weight: .360 lbs./foot.

heavy duty round bead flatwall bar diagram

Heavy Duty ArmorBond Round Bead Flatwall Bar

This extrusion is designed for the Simplex ArmorBond line of industrial strips and other Simplex strips up to .160 mil thickness. The extrusion mounts to the exterior of the doorway, allowing you to take advantage of the full height of the door, as well as full utilization of the bonded-bead design. This mount is easy on the strips and insures maximum life. Weight: .660 lbs./foot.

heavy duty armorbond round bead in-jamb mount diagram

Heavy Duty ArmorBond Round Bead In-Jamb Bar

Also designed for the Simplex ArmorBond line of industrial strips and other Simplex strips up to .160 mil thickness. The in-jamb mount is used in cases where there is minimal clearance. The strips and mounting are contained within the confines of the door. Weight: .648 lbs./foot.

Hook Bead Mountings

hook bead flatwall bar mount diagram

Hook Bead Flatwall Bar

This two-piece, easy-to-install, wall-mounted bar is popular in the cleanroom industry. The front plate comes off by removing several small screws, allowing you to install or replace the strips, using Simplex’s patented hook-bead mount. Replace the front plate, fasten the screws, and everything is solid and in place. Optional mounting clips can be purchased to attach to t-bar ceilings. Weight: .738 lbs./foot.

hook bead in-jamb mount diagram

Hook Bead In-Jamb Bar

Based on the same design as the Hook Bead Flat Wall bar, the difference is that this mounting is attached within the door frame or directly to the ceiling. For applications where exterior clearance is an issue. Optional caddy clips can be purchased for attachment to a t-bar ceiling grid. Weight: .780 lbs./foot.

hook beed flex track mount diagram

Hook Bead FlexTrack Bar

Designed as a flatwall mount, Flextrack is made from easy-to-clean PVC for applications which require an ultra-clean environment. The hinged front plate snaps out for easy installation of curtains. Simplex offers a PVC extension which can be used to convert the Flextrack to an in-jamb mount.