Simplex specializes in manufacturing industry leading modular enclosure systems for a wide variety of applications. Our focus is enabling our clients to deploy effective and efficient isolation systems to meet their critical environment requirements. This is achieved through modular design in all of our enclosures, allowing you to rearrange and expand your data center containment systems and cleanroom enclosures on demand.

AirLock latch-together modular enclosures provide easy to install cleanroom capability at any size. AirBlock softwall cleanrooms offer versatility, durability, accessibility, and unmatched protection. AirBlock hardwall data center enclosures make increasing data center efficiency and security a snap. Active Channel Technology allows custom insert capabilities in our SIS 797 hardwall enclosures. Fast setup and customization make the SIS 212 Modular Frame System an undeniable asset to any operation.

Learn more about our featured isolation systems below to see why Simplex is the leader in modular enclosures.