welding screen enclosures

These specially designed curtains are popular for enclosing or dividing areas for special processes, such as welding. Available in amber and red tint light filtering, Simplex Welding Curtains are used to protect workers and employees from UV flash and welding sparks.

Simplex Welding Curtains can be used with the SIS 212 frame system and casters to create a welding enclosure that can be moved anywhere around the shop floor. These curtains can also be used with existing frame systems.

Red welding curtains come in 40 mil thickness. Easy to pass through or pull aside in track-mounted applications.

Curtain panels come in 48-inch wide widths. Panels can be RF-welded together for wider applications.

Welding curtains are also available in 80 mil amber in 48” panels.

Also can be used to protect outside employees from laser or other bright-light applications.

Excellent curtain for moving around the work area and placing anywhere you need.

Red welding curtains can also be used as softwall inserts for cleanroom enclosures where needed.

Simplex fire-retardant characteristics prevent accidental fires, and also prevent damage from molten metal from the welding process.

Meets all OSHA standards for eye protection.

Can be customized to work on any Simplex mounting for curtains.