sure fold curtains

Simplex Sure-Fold Curtains provide a wide variety of enclosure solutions. These retractable, industrial strength barriers help to optimize work areas, save energy and control contamination.

Sure-Fold curtains easily and quickly open up wide expanses of space to allow large equipment, inventory and other items to pass, and then pull back together just as effortlessly.

Available in a variety of lengths and widths, these curtains can be custom designed for any application. Made with heavy-duty material and the Sure-Fold reinforced attachment system, these curtains are the best-performing, longest-lasting retractable curtain in the industry.

Features & Benefits

Available in a variety of lengths and widths.

Made with 40 mil to 120 mil vinyl, or 80 mil fabric-reinforced solid vinyls

Choose from a full selection of curtain materials, including transparent, opaque and screen materials.

Optional heat-sealed pleats, pocketed hems—weighted or unweighted, sweep seals, pull cables, Velcro or magnetic overlap seals, wall and floor attachment hardware, and in-wall filters for air exchange.

Isolate sensitive or dangerous procedures, including grinding, machining or welding. Keep other workers safe.

Protect against contamination from dust and manufacturing byproducts.

Quickly reconfigure your work areas as projects and work load dictates.

Curtains open and close quickly on patented Simplex roller track mountings.

Create work areas that can be joined or separated as the project dictates.

An ideal solution for automotive paint booths and large-item painting.