machinery guard curtains

AirBlock Industrial Curtains offer effective solutions to any number of containment, isolation and barrier situations on the manufacturing plant floor. Like all Simplex products, every system we ship is custom designed for your application.

Simplex offers multiple mounting options for industrial curtains. To view the selection see our mounting system page.

industrial divider curtains
industrial curtains

Features & Benefits

Custom sizes for your ceiling height. Reinforced at critical points for long life.

Choose the mounting option that's best for your application and goals.

Excellent clarity for maximum visibility and safely consideration on your shop or plant floor.

Other materials are also available, including tinted and opaque vinyls, and heavy-duty materials.

Available in various colors, including those designed for light-blocking purposes.

AirBlock Industrial Curtains come with a variety of Simplex mounting options for your application, including bi-folding curtains that pull aside to facilitate moving large machinery and products in and out of the work area.

AirBlock industrial curtains help you control temperatures, saving tens of thousands of dollars on energy costs every year.

Isolate processes, control dust and debris and contamination, maintain temperatures. AirBlock curtains help you maintain quality, increase product yields and increase profits.