data center curtains

AirBlock Data Center Curtains were developed with a singular goal—to provide the finest quality curtains for achieving hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment in the data center.

We achieved this by setting new standards in engineering, material and hardware selection. AirBlock Data Center Curtains are engineered for performance and exceed all fire and safety standards.

Choose from proprietary material options that include vinyls with ESD resistance and those that are free from outgassing. All AirBlock Data Center Curtains are tested to NFPA and ASTM E-84 Class 1 standards for flame and smoke generation, guaranteed to help maintain compliance with local fire codes.

AirBlock Data Center Curtains offer a selection of mounting systems that offer solutions to existing infrastructure in the legacy data center and also limitless options for new installations. Modular design allows for easy installation and expansion in the event of a growing data center.

AirBlock Data Center Curtains from Simplex are the clear choice in maximizing hot-aisle/cold aisle isolation.

Features & Benefits

Efficient cooling solutions increase capacity and stabilize temperatures in your data center. Slash power costs and take advantage of rebates from your electrical utility.

Modular designs allow you to easily expand and reconfigure to meet the changing needs of your data center. Containment curtains can be custom mounted so that they pull aside for the addition of more racks or other additions in the data center.

Simplex data center containment curtains can be used in conjunction with end-of-aisle solutions, doors, hardwall partitions and ceiling modules for a complete data center approach.

Choose from a wide variety of materials to suit your needs and requirements, including proprietary materials only available from Simplex that meet NFPA 76 data center standard, the ASTM E-84 standards and are Class 1 fire rated, with the lowest smoke and flame spread ratings available.

softwall data center curtain

Data Center Curtains

Specify full length ceiling-to-floor curtains. Custom lengths for above-the-rack installations can be specified to accommodate racks of varying heights and widths, and from different manufacturers.

data center curtain overlap example

Overlapping Design

Vinyl panels are 40 mil thick and 48 inches wide, with four-inch overlaps to prevent leakage.

data center strip door

Data Center Strip Doors

End-of-aisle access is easy with strip doors. Strips come back together easily to limit air loss from one area to another.

molded corners on data center curtains

Molded Corners

Molded, wraparound corners for superior seals in the data center.

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Simplex Data Center Containment Curtains Material Specifications and Testing Information

Test Material
Polysim 509 FlexSim FR Simplex Standard & Anti-Static
Hardness Durometer (D-2240) 90A/47D 85A 79A
Tensile Strength % (D-412) 3800 2950 2400
Ultimate Elongation % (D-412) 450% 290% 350%
Ultimate Tear PSI ( D-1004 570 lbf/in (ASTM D-624) 440
100% Module PSI (D-412) 1200 1400 1400
Brittle Temp. (deg. F) 0° F/-17°C 0° F/-17°C -36° F
Minimum Operating Temp. (deg. F) 32° F/ 0° C 32° F/ 0° C 0° F
Specific Gravity 1.16 1.26 1.21
UV Stability Good Excellent Excellent
Flame Test UV 94 V-O Pass Pass Pass
Flame NFPA 701 Small Scale Pass Pass
ASTM E-84 Class 1 Flame | Smoke 10 | 180 20 | 400
Specific and ASTM Test Methods in ( )