AirBlock, the #1 specified PVC softwall curtain in the industry, offers versatility and reliability. It is ideal for use in controlling contamination in cleanrooms or other controlled environments. Use AirBlock curtains with framing to create a softwall cleanroom, or within an existing cleanroom to isolate areas that are cleaner still. Combined with Simplex's patented mounting systems, AirBlock PVC curtains offer increased durability, functionality, easier access and the best protection.

AirBlock cleanroom curtains are especially suitable for enclosing portable frame systems, and improving laminar flow areas above work spaces.



AirBlock softwall curtains can be used with framing to create controlled environments, suspended from the ceiling, or used as PVC curtain walls to block off interior portions of an existing cleanroom to create cleaner interior zones.

Ease of Installation

Time is money. AirBlock mounting brackets make installation easier and quicker, are more functional in day-to-day use, and are designed to promote longer cleanroom curtain life.


AirBlock PVC softwall curtains are suitable for ISO 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO 4 (Class 10) requirements.


Quality Materials

Largest selection of quality materials, including transparent vinyls, and tinted or opaque materials for security situations or protecting light-sensitive operations and procedures. AirBlock cleanroom curtains also come in anti-static and non-outgassing formulations, as well as those which pass the strictest fire regulations of ASTM E-84 and NFPA.

Wide Selection of Thicknesses & Sizes

AirBlock softwall curtains come in a wide array of thicknesses and properties. Curtains are assembled from four-foot wide sheets of vinyl in thicknesses from 40 to 80 mil.

cleanroom curtain mounting systems

Mounting Systems

A variety of patented mounting systems, engineered for easy installation and maximum performance. See all Simplex innovative mounting systems.

cleanroom entryways


Simplex offers a variety of entry options, including hinged and sliding doors and strip doors. Alternating clear and frosted vinyl strips eliminates sticking and air gaps, making entrances easier to walk through.

cleanroom curtain sealed corners

Sealed Corners

Permanent heat-formed bends eliminate air loss or particle penetration at the corners. Our thicker vinyls require no hems or sash weights, and provide systems that are cleaner looking, easily adaptable and longer lasting.

rf welded seams

RF-Welded Seams

RF welding on all seams and critical attachments points provides a permanent bond that is clean and strong.