Simplex offers PVC softwall containment curtains for all applications, from cleanroom curtains for laboratories and high-tech manufacturing, to industrial PVC curtain walls for separating workspaces, to refrigeration curtains for energy efficient temperature and humidity control.

Simplex offers a multitude of mounting systems that are designed to install quickly and to be an integral and functioning part of your application. Minimum .040 thick clear vinyl curtains made from virgin materials come in various colors. Non-outgassing and ESD-resistant versions are available.

All of our curtains are based on the same winning combination of design and materials, made to order for infinite capabilities.

Pure Ingredients

All Simplex cleanroom vinyl is made from virgin compounds, no recycling. Resists yellowing, cracking and curling.

The Largest Selection of Materials

Find the PVC curtain material that best fits your needs. Choose from standard-grade PVC, reinforced vinyl-coated fabric, ESD–safe formulations, and even fire-rated vinyl. We also offer vinyl curtains in tinted and opaque colors, and low-temperature-approved PVC for refrigerator and freezer applications.

A Mounting System for Any Application

All Simplex mounting systems are engineered for simple installation, easy maintenance and maximum performance, custom made for limitless configurations.

Designed to Perform

Each Simplex vinyl curtain is designed for your specific application. We offer features such as RF-welded seams, heat-formed sealed corners, optional static-dissipative materials, tinted curtains with UV filtering qualities, bi-folding PVC curtains that slide and retract, vinyl softwall laser barriers, sound barriers, and industrial vinyl curtains for process isolation. Each Simplex softwall curtain is tailor made for your specific project.