data center electronic drop link

NFPA 2013 requires data centers to be outfitted with electronic drops links so that curtains fall away in the event of fire, allowing sprinklers or the fire suppression agent to circulate freely. AirBlock Electronic Fuselinks from Simplex are designed to operate flawlessly and reliably in the data center environment. Each magnet and housing assembly supports an eight-foot-length of floor-to-ceiling curtain mounted to the aluminum bar.

When used in unison with our 18-inch lanyard assembly, curtains and attached hardware drop far enough to allow operation of the fire-suppression system, but remain suspended, thus allowing data center personnel to exit the area safety.


Installation is easy. You need only a drill, tape measure and screw driver.

Electromagnet and aluminum housing weight less than one pound, adding little weight to your ceiling support system.

RoHS and CE approved.

Holding force up to 110 pounds.

drop link lanyard
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