pro glide data center door

Simply the Best Data Center Doors on the Market

Simplex designed their AirBlock line of end-of-aisle doors to meet the challenges of hot aisle and cold aisle isolation in the data center. All sliding and swinging door models offer optimum performance.

If mounting the door frame to the racks is not possible, options are available for ceiling and cable tray mounting if necessary.

Pro-Glide Self Closing Data Center Doors

Simplex brings you the ultimate in elegance and functionality in this latest door from the AirBlock line of data center products. The easy-glide track system and self-closing cartridge, key features of the Pro-Glide Door, are integrated into the door so that they are tucked away from view when the doors are either closed or open. *U.S. patent pending

Features & Benefits

Choose from our Pro-Glide Self Closing Doors or Single Swing Door Models allowing you to tailor your entryways to the layout of your data center.

Doors are constructed from a 1” x 2” custom-designed extrusion of 6063-T5 aluminum. Door frames are 2” x 2”. The clear anodized finish is standard. Optional finishes include black anodized as well as powder-coated.

The standard door insert material is clear polycarbonate. Options include ABS, acrylic, aluminum composite, clear CPVC FM4910-approved material, and stretch-fit vinyl or PolySim™ inserts.

Our proprietary material, PolySim™, has lowest Class smoke rating on the market, and incorporates inherent ESD inhibitors that will not wear off. PolySim is a urethane with no plasticizers, so there is no outgassing and it is better for the environment.

End-of-aisle doors come pre-assembled from the factory for ease of installation. Modular design allows AirBlock doors to adapt to your ever-changing data center.

Doors can be used with both hardwall and softwall data center containment systems. Door frames are designed to work with all data center cabinets.

Sturdy design and quality materials build data center doors that can stand up to repeated use.

Doors open and close quickly, allowing you to maintain the environment inside your data center.

Easy assembly leads to reduced costs: you save on labor hours and your data center becomes more efficient in a shorter time frame.

The #1 Data Center Door

2 Styles To Choose From

pro-glide double self-closing data center doors

Pro-Glide Self Closing Door

  • Easy-glide track system operates smoothly. The self-aligning doors require no adjustment.
  • Exclusive self-closing cartridge converts from manual to self-closing in minutes with adjustable speed.
  • Sweep seal and perimeter gasketing provides maximum containment.
  • No protruding header or track assembly, allowing for a sleek, simple design.
  • Doors come together with a self-sealing magnetic gasket for a 100% seal. No air loss.
  • Single doors up to 48" wide. Double doors to 72" wide.
  • Door is pre-hung and installs in minutes.
  • Take advantage of our quick-ship program.
single swinging data center door

Single Swing Door: Model DC-SSWD

  • Door comes pre-hung from the factory.
  • Modular design requires minimal assembly.
  • Available in double-door designs for up to 96" wide aisles.
  • Available in single-door designs for up to 48" wide aisles.
  • Filler posts and sidelight panels are available to widen standard door widths.

How To Measure For Data Center Doors

how to measure data center doors illustration
  • Step 1: When measuring for your door, please take into consideration any obstructions that might interfere with proper function or installation, e.g., cable trays, lighting, ducting or conduits.
  • Step 2: When measuring for the doors, provide Simplex or your Simplex dealer with these measurements.
    • A Measurement from rack to frame or opposing rack to the wall
    • B Measurement from the face of the rack door to the opposing face of the rack door.
    • C Measurement from the floor to the top of the rack on both sides of the aisle.
    • D Measurement of the depth of the rack (from front to back from the outside).
    • E Measurement from the floor to the ceiling.
    • F Also indicate measurements for possible obstructions, e.g., cable trays, lighting, ducting or conduits.
  • Step 3: If you have any questions, call Simplex or your authorized Simplex dealer.