data center ceiling system

The AirBlock Aisle Containment Ceiling System incorporates a simple design and quality materials for the ideal ceiling or cap solution in your data center. Control temperatures in both hot aisle and cold aisle containment applications. Use AirBlock melt-away ceiling tiles which virtually disappear in the event of a fire, allowing your sprinkler system full range, and allowing you to meet the requirements of your local fire marshal.

The specialized extrusion that makes up the AirBlock Aisle Containment Ceiling System includes a threaded channel that allows the ceiling system to be suspended with brackets or threaded rod.

data center ceiling grid

Features & Benefits

Assembled from cleanroom-grade, fully gasketed, 2-inch t-bar grid, made from extruded 6063 T-5 aluminum for maximum strength.

Extrusion includes a threaded track running the entire length to accommodate installation from suspended cable trays or an existing ceiling.

Ceiling grid supports lights, tiles, fan units and ductwork.

Installation is easy with the pre-assembled grid. Assembly requires a minimum of tools and labor.

Fully adjustable Z-bars or riser panels allow you to adjust the ceiling grid for your particular application.

Ceiling grid is based on standard 2’x4’ panels, so insert panels solutions are easy to find.

pre-assembled data center ceiling

Pre-assembled ceiling grids are installed quickly, and are based on a standard 2’x4’ panel design.

angled z-bar

Achieve two to three inches of height and side-to-side adjustment with angled Z-bars. Additional height can be obtained with modular riser panels.

Sizing Chart

ImagePart #SizeSizes60” X 100-1/2”60” X 125-1/4”RCCM-54-C(B)RCCM-56-C(B)RCCM-58-C(B)RCCM-510-C(B)RCCM-512-C(B)RCCM-44-C(B)RCCM-46-C(B)RCCM-48-C(B)RCCM-410-C(B)RCCM-412-C(B)50-1/4” X 51”50-1/4” X 75-3/4”50-1/4” X 100=1/2”50-1/4” X 125-1/4”50-1/4” X 150”LARGER OPENINGS2’ X 4’ OPENINGS60” X 51”60” X 75-3/4”60” X 150”24” X 48”HA2013524” X 48”CLEARPart #SizeFeatureHA2013424” X 48”FROSTEDPart #SizeFeatureZB-22-88 FOOT LENGTHSADJUSTS TO 3” HIGHMELT-AWAY CEILING TILESZ-BAR RISER MOUNTSCUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE