data center deck to deck cooling

Slash Energy Costs with Better Air Flow Dynamics

Our data center cooling solutions help protect your critical operations while enabling you to reduce operating costs and increase capacity. With hot aisle cold aisle isolation from Simplex you can depend on easy to deploy data center partitions with superior safety features and quality.

Take Advantage of These Features for the Best Data Center Isolation System

Optimize Data Center Efficiency

Increase capacity in your data center with lower, more stable temperatures. Maximize airflow dynamics and increase the effectiveness of your hot aisle cold aisle isolation.

Industry Leading Safety Features

Hardware is designed for easy assembly, modular construction and fire safety so that curtains fall away in the case of a fire, allowing sprinklers full operating range.

Comprehensive Solutions

Simplex’s complete line of AirBlock™ data center curtains, modular partitions, ceilings, strip doors and mountings offers hot aisle/cold aisle isolation solutions for any data center configuration.

Reduce Operating Costs

Save energy with AirBlock™ data center curtains and partitions save energy on air conditioning by up to 67%. Protect your mission critical operations, optimize server cooling equipment, and see an average ROI in just 1 year. Check with your regional electrical utility about energy-saving rebates that can help offset the cost of your system when you install hot aisle/cold aisle isolation.

Quality Comes Standard

Curtain materials include PolySim, a proprietary material from Simplex which meets and exceeds the new NFPA 76 data center standard and the ASTM E-84 standards and is Class 1 fire rated, with the lowest smoke and flame spread ratings available. Since Polysim uses high molecular weight materials, its static dissipation properties do not wear off or diminish over time like coated anti-static vinyls do.

Fire Retardant Options

Also available in FlexSim FR, only available from Simplex. FlexSim is the only domestically-made clear vinyl to pass ASTM smoke and flame tests, and is formulated to meet U.S. and European requirements for an environmentally friendly PVC.

Simplex Data Center Containment Systems: Excellence Through Design

airblock data cente curtains

AirBlock Curtains

AirBlock™ data center curtains, and all Simplex materials, are made from virgin materials to provide extra clear transparency and protection against yellowing and cracking.

data center hardwall enclosures

Data Center Hardwall Enclosures

AirBlock™ hardwall enclosures offer another energy-saving solution for hot aisle/cold aisle isolation. Hardwalls are an excellent solution for high traffic data centers or those frequently visited by VIP personnel.

data center curtain drop mechanism

Curtain Drop Mechanism

Simplex's electromagnetic drop links are the only UL listed magnetic releasing device that provides fail-safe instant curtain release. They are easy to reset, making them ideal for compliance with NFPA 75 & 76, which require the dropping mechanism of data center containment curtains to be testable.

flexible gap seals for data centers

Flexible Gap Seals

Simplex’s Flexible Gap Seals (FGS) close off gaps between racks in your data center, increasing the cooling efficiency of your hot aisle/cold aisle isolation system and drastically reducing energy costs.