Industries & Applications

Government standards and manufacturing regulations increasingly require contamination control and process isolation. Simplex offers you the ability to meet the requirements with a wide variety of products - from complete, modular cleanrooms to isolation curtains to strip doors - as well as other innovative products. All Simplex products are modular, so as your needs change and expand, you can also expand your isolation facilities.

All Simplex products are designed for fast and easy installation with a minimum of tools. You can achieve clean environments from ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) to ISO Class 5 (class 100) levels, erect strip doors to separate working areas and protect against outside contaminants, or control the flow of hot and cold air in your data center. The applications are endless, and always effective when you use Simplex.

Simplex, however, goes one step further. We have a tradition of innovation. We are constantly evaluating the needs of the industry and sourcing new materials and developing new construction methods to help our customers achieve their objectives.

*Patent No. 4, 312,396. Other patents pending

Simplex isolation components are routinely used in many industries:

pharmaceutical cleanroom

Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Create ultra-clean facilities for manufacturing and packaging with cleanrooms and enclosures from Simplex. AirLock cleanrooms are used to meet the pharmaceutical requirements of USP 797 and have received FDA approval for these applications.

data center containment cleanroom

Data Center Environments

Data center managers use AirBlock curtains and partitions to maintain cooler, more stable environments, control energy costs and expand capacity, all the while making sure the data center operates reliably and is free from failure because of high temperatures.

medical cleanroom

Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmacy

Use Airlock cleanrooms or AirBlock softwalls for infectious disease control or inhalation and treatment rooms in both positive and negative pressure environments. Simplex ultra-violet vinyls protect light-sensitive laboratory experiments. Simplex strip doors help you create cleaner interior zones and also allow for easy passage from one area to another.

semi-conductor manufacturing cleanroom

Semi-conductor Manufacturing

Increase product yields and profitability with cleaner operations using Simplex enclosures. From mini-environments to large, self-contained cleanrooms, Simplex can provide a facility of any size and classification. Simplex components are designed to keep assembly areas free of contaminants and dust.

industrial cleanrooms and enclosures

Industrial & Manufacturing

Use Simplex products to create plant divider curtains, machinery enclosures, isolate welding operations, laser procedures, contain paint operations and construct sound booths.

hazardous material cleanrooms

Hazardous Materials

Set up isolation zones for emergency toxic waste clean-up and hazmat handling using the Simplex SIS enclosure or an Airlock modular cleanroom.

food prep cleanrooms

Food Preparation & Processing

Simplex products adapt to virtually any configuration, including assembly lines and packaging. Strip doors, divider curtains and cleanrooms help you maintain stable temperatures, control contamination and slash energy costs.