Simplex Isolation Systems is one of the most prominent names in modular cleanrooms, softwall curtains, strip doors, separation and process isolation, and hot aisle and cold-aisle isolation in data centers.

Since 1979 our innovations have set new standards in modular, expandable cleanroom components, industrial enclosures, isolation curtains, hardware and new product development.

The hallmark of Simplex products is innovation and performance. We offer unique features such as the bonded bead design, modular construction, and materials that are fire-resistant and protect against electro-static discharge. We set the standard in the industry.

Simplex parts and materials perform with optimum efficiency, last longer, and save you money.

Simplex enclosures go together quickly and easily. Assembly requires only a few tools. All Simplex enclosures are custom built for your application, so they work the first time.

Supporting our product is also important to us. At whatever level you use Simplex products, you are always backed by industry expertise, product knowledge and the best warranties in the market.

Find out what NASA, JPL, Raytheon, Mercedes-Benz and many others already know: Simplex offers the best solutions for controlled environments.